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Garden Faeries and God

People believe in all kinds of preposterous and silly things apart from religion, but we don’t develop an anti-silliness about them, we smile and just let it be. At least until they seek to impose the silliness on others.

I have a friend who believes in garden faeries. I think its silly but I have nothing to say on the subject. He’s not trying to force garden fairies onto schools and government. He’s not erecting fairy worshiping buildings and telling little children that garden faeries are real and to think otherwise makes them a bad person and they will burn in garden fairy hell. He’s not telling others that garden faeries can help them if they donate money to his worship practice, because garden faeries say so. He isn’t declaring war on alternative garden fairy beliefs and putting lives in jeopardy.

So long as my friend maintains his fairy belief in private, where it belongs, I can’t imagine we’d ever be at odds. He may even have a small support club. If however the garden fairy thing got out of hand and politicians were making decisions, even military decisions, based on garden fairy scripture and garden fairy commandments, then my friend and I would find ourselves at odds. Especially if he thought there was no harm in imposing garden fairy ideas into our public school text books.

Of course he may not think garden fairy beliefs should be imposed on the world, but since the majority of the members think the world should conform, I see his membership as a support of it in any case. But remember, I never cared that he believed in garden faeries, I only care about the imposition on others either directly or indirectly in harmful or manipulative ways. And the fact that my friend may be a part of such organizations doesn’t make him a bad person either, he’s just not thinking about the real and subtle global implications, and why should he, he just believes in garden faeries, nothing wrong with that.

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